Over 65 people gathered for my 1st Social Media Masterclass at Nashville, TN’s WeWork location.  The co-working space is generally occupied by entrepreneurs, corporate companies and business people alike; all are coming together to commune in “environments for productivity, innovation, and connection.”  Ironically, this same spirit would carry through the two and half hour soldout masterclass geared solely at educating the average person on the techniques one can utilize to expand their brands via social media.  Moreover, the environment fostered an opportunity to individuals to hone in on the positives of social media usage and have a conversation about utilizing it authentically to not only increase workflow but to add value to each other’s lives.


My perspective on social media marketing as an average user, a marketing manager, a strategist, a consultant, an influencer and blogger has been vastly shaped throughout the years.  Whether we realize it or not, the billions of us who login into social media accounts each day are all using it for different purposes.  With my various experiences, I decided to draft a workbook and craft a class that would reflect all of my knowledge in different roles as well as offer real-life examples through panelists that have utilized social media and received exponential results. My motivation for teaching this class was to inspire individuals to tap into their respective talents, create content aligned and learn how to share it with the world’s largest consumer database – social media.

Each #SweetSocialMedia attendee walked away with a masterplan via the knowledge gained at the workshop or a tip or two or 200 from the workbook.  Social Media is work nonetheless.  Even if each person in attendance adhered to just three things from the 30-page workbook, he or she should find solace in knowing that they have an effective strategy to move their business forward.  Panelists coupled with the workbook covered subject matters such as “how to deal with the algorithm,” “What types of cameras should you use?”, “What tools are best for photo editing?”, “How do you plan content?”, “What’s a good budget for your content?”, etc.

There are so many components to social media that the class could indeed be taught as a college degree.  The digital landscape is changing every day.  Lifeway Christian bookstore is set to close all of its brick-and-mortar stores.  Victoria Secret, The Limited, Gap and so many more are either closing stores or focusing on e-commerce.  As small business owners and consumer’s, it is necessary that we understand what this means for us as social media users.  Essentially, the power is in our hands to make changes in the overall economy.  You can grow your side-hustle or your business into the next big thing.  Social media has no limits for your progression, but the sooner you solidify your strategy and work slowly and efficiently, the better off your trajectory will be.

It’s a lot to take in when you’re trying to create content, evaluate your consumer base, manage inventory, run budgets, and any other business logistics.  The social media as we traditionally know it as a mechanism to keep up with our high school friends changes in that respect.  Learning how to make it fun and a job at the same time can be a challenging experience for some.  Therefore, my masterclass created a fun and ethereal experience of Instagramable spots (floral wall and photo booth), swag bags, cotton candy cocktails and a sweet bar from heaven!  I’ve obtained a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA!  I didn’t want a tedious type of study where I merely lectured.  I promised the audience an experience, and they received just that plus an interactive panel and an empowerment session.







Many conferences dedicate their mission to helping people elicit business plans. Yet, they lack any discussion on marketing efforts, specifically social media. I envision my social media master class evolving into broader conversations at the speed that social media continues to amass us all.  I’d love to keep the discussion for year’s to come as I am a firm believer that everything we want is one click away if we put in the effort to explore the mechanism’s we use to share- IG, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Etc.

To all of the sponsors and panelist, thank you for believing in the vision of equipping​ and empowering!  We just put a group of folks on the right path to success!

The next masterclass will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at WeWork on June 27th!  Be on the lookout for more after that​! 





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Ashley Reale of Love Everywhere
Brittney Oliver of Lemons 2 Lemonade
Sarah Patton of Creative Souls Tribe
Rachel Tenpenny of Brasspenny Photography

Event Design:
Overall Design by Events by Allison Marie
Sweet Treats by Cake My Day Nashville
Floral Wall by Litton Ave.
Balloon Wall by Party Animals TN
Sweet Bar Majestic Royalty
Photobooth by GoBonanza Photobooth
Champagne Wall provided by Her Signature Events

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The Perfect Little Life
Knock Knock Stuff
Emily McDowell & Friends

Photography by Authentic Photos and Design
Videography by The Visual Lyricist





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