Somewhere between this life event and that life event, we collect and obsess over stuff. We want to hold on to it for the hope that we will, one day, go back to it and reminisce about the feelings each artifact elicits.  However, when we finally get around to it, we’re too disorganized to even be motivated to sift through the stuff to create that scrapbook or design that new office space.  So there’s no better time than now to embark on a Fall Cleaning.

If you have a hard time doing basic cleanings throughout your busy, bustling week, then you know this will be a huge task for you.  You may have to do what I did and partner with a professional – Chic Harmony.  Among some major life events over the past year, I’d collected a lot of stuff!  Planning a wedding had turned my space into a Bridal Warehouse.  I became attached to each piece of leftover stationary from my bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding… etc.  I tend to save receipts or movie tickets from dates with my husband so that I can share them with our “not thought of kids” one day. Ha!  I had ziplock bags, purses and coat pockets with these remnants living in them.  With so many other life-changing events to the loss of my dad to the loss of Alex’s Grandad to the merging of bills, our paper pillage was mounding. Our junk drawers were despicable.  We also moved.  Add in a disorganized laundry room, wedding gifts and closets full of random items, things in your home can get pretty messy.  That’s why I’m proposing that you set aside 2 days of the 365 days a year to simply check yourself before you end up on the next episode of “Hoarders.”  Proclaim one day in the Spring and the Fall.

I partnered with Courtney McNeal of Chic Harmony to save my “Sweet Life!” We organized every component of the “Sweet Haven” from color coding the closets to letting go of some of those hard to part with items (extra wedding invitations) and STUFF. Ever since Courtney came, I’ve been able to keep a better tab on everything.  My mail is checked and sorted.  I throw away things without the thought of, “I’ll go back to that later.”  I can walk in my laundry room!  I can find an outfit for work in less than 2 minutes.  Organization and cleanliness can definitely make your home life a little lighter and way happier!

Check out a short interview with Courtney and a few tips to get your life in order!


How did you get started helping people get organized?  And Why?! 

I’ve been organizing homes just as a hobby for some time now, but I gave my hobby a name in May of 2016! It was therapeutic for me.  The name Chic Harmony is a reflection of what I, personally, exude.  I’m a lover of stylish and beautiful things, so that’s where “chic”(meaning style) originated from. Who doesn’t want peace? And Harmony?  My purpose in life is to help others and through organizing, I realized that a neat space creates a peaceful home!

Check out these tips from Courtney on how to get a headstart on your “Fall Cleaning”: 

1. Always put things back now than later.

2. If you haven’t worn/used it in over a year, pass on to someone else.

3. If you’re not motivated about organizing, use a special occasion/event to motivate you! (Entertaining guests for the evening,etc.)

You may contact Courtney below!  She will travel and spend the day helping you get your life in order! 

IG: @chic.harmony

FB: @chic.harmony1

E: organizing@chicharmonyhomes.com

Here are a few more tips to help you out: 

  1. Use the same color hangers.
  2. Buy bins to help segment stuff!
  3. Sort your mail daily!
  4. Wash your clothes at least every other day.
  5. Store your Holiday Decor as soon as the Holiday is over in an appropriate bin.
  6. Don’t be afraid to hire cleaning personnel to do a deep clean.
  7. Hang your clothes up! Fold your clothes up.
  8. Using shelving!
  9. Label boxes.
  10. Put all traveling materials in the same place.  Packing is a chore in and of itself.  Coming back from a trip to sort stuff is always a setback if your travel merch isn’t organized.  You’ll leave your suitcase in the middle of the floor and watch it collect even more things.

Happy Fall Cleaning! 

The following are photos of our transformation! THANKS, Courtney! 

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